Geeks Who Drink at the L.A. Fireproof Door Co.

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Get your geek on 7 p.m. each Tuesday night at the L.A. Fireproof Door Co. This is not the SyFy version, but a far more widely appealing Trival Pursuit style game! Geeks Who Drink is a nationally syndicated pub quiz that tests your all around knowledge in several categories including music, movies, television, sports, history and more.

The weekly quiz game is free to participate in and you can have up to six people on your team. Once the quiz begins, host Jim Kuddes reads questions or plays sound clips giving each team around 30 seconds to write down their answers. Questions range from simple to the extremely archaic and there is plenty of friendly banter exchanged between teams.

There are also bonus questions that are rewarded with free drinks! Each week the winning team receives a $25 gift certificate and second place receives $15.


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